ParasalesDox is helping business in nurturing their revenue model with the help of lead generation. Every business growth depends on qualified leads. A lead is a person or company who have some interest in your company services or products. ParaSalesDox is helping its customers to reach the goals and boost sales. We help our customers in increasing their revenue by adding more customers to them.

Lead generation is the process of influencing and converting prospects and stranger into your customers. We generate leads from various methods like blogs, online events, live events, and coupons. According to market research, mostly unicorn companies are relying primarily on the lead generation. Regular lead generation is one of the top priorities for B2B and B2C company.

A lead generation is a process which is achieved by a great content marketing strategy and promote our customer’s content on different websites, press release, etc. A good content marketing strategy helps you in: 

  • Generate quality leads
  • Increase Web presence
  • Brand building and brand awareness

ParasalesDox is a one-stop solution who provide complete solution of lead generation. We integrate lead generation with content syndication – lead management, campaign tracking, vendor management, creatives, media, press release, qualify leads, prioritize leads as a High Qualified lead, Sales qualified leads and market qualified leads.

MQL-Market Qualified Leads

In ParasalesDox, Our focus for our customers to generate M.Q.L. (Market Qualified Leads)  for products and services. An M.Q.L. is a lead which is interested in your product or services more than other leads. M.Q.L. is a highly important part of our content syndication strategy. 

HQL- Highly Qualified Leads

ParasalesDox is goal-oriented in converting M.Q.L. into Highly qualified leads. HQL are those leads where you prioritize as GOOD or Bad. Our marketing tactics oriented with our client goals. We do in-depth marketing research and bring those right customers, who will maintain a long term relationship with your business. Ultimately, we do every single thing which increases your revenue model.

SQL-Sales Qualified Lead

ParaSales Docx helps you in bringing decision making or influencing the products and services. SQL leads help your current options to timeframe 3 to 6 months of services. There are many challenges which need to face in product or services like many challenges. SQL Leads need to evaluate through the market.


A BANT is a sales framework used for persuing and identify most appropriate prospects based on their authority, budget, timeline and needs. ParasalesDox is providing a time frame of 0-3 months to change the products or services. Lead generation person has the authority to make necessary decisions like an express, obligation, need to make changes in the products and services. The lead manager makes the budget for all the product and services. 

Drop your queries about how many leads you require, along with your targeted audience. A targeted audience can help us to design a content syndication platform which will generate more leads and ultimately bring more business to you. 

We have our proven content marketing strategies which already helps software providers to sell more software, hardware seller to sell more hardware devices and product companies in selling more products. 

We will put content on the right lead generating platforms. Our lead generation specialist will keep a bird’s eye how it is performing in the online platforms. We also ensure our customer to provide qualified leads only.