The appointment is a B2B and B2C process, we have expertise in scheduling the office for both your business model. Our services are interconnected. A productive selection depends upon qualified leads. We have spent our two valuable years in designing the appointment generation for our customer.

ParasalesDox has qualified sales telemarketer ready to schedule your next appointment with the tele-calling or emails. It is one of the most popular services. An interview with the decision-maker is the backbone of a healthy and stable sales pipeline. In the online world, an appointment with the decision-maker plays a crucial part in growing an organization. According to the sales manager, the more appointments you make higher chances for you to increase your sales. A face to face meeting is the most popular choices of C.E.O., C.F.O., C.T.O., C.F.O., etc. Along with conference calls, telephone appointment and video session are getting popular nowadays.

You can generate an appointment for various reasons.

  • Connect with your prospect over email, teleconference, or face to face meeting.
  • To set up a demo about your products or services to the market qualified and sales qualified leads.
  • To set up a webinar to display your upcoming online courses, your services, etc.
  • Appointment for face to face meeting with your prospect in a B2B or B2C manner.
  • Telephone appointments
  • Conference calls
  • For new business leads and identify the opportunities for tenders and quotation.
  • Cross-sell or up-sell your existing services.
  • Renewal of your subscription services
  • Promote new membership for your services.
  • Put your proposal to more potential market qualified leads.
  • Keep track of your business calls.