Key Account Management is the process of maintaining and growing valuable relationships with most essential vital accounts.

Key Account Management is also a process of business departments to sustain the links and in future, nurture it with the key considerations. ParasalesDox is responsible for the key account management, which is required to assist the sales graph and assign the key metrics to visualize the data from the key accounts.

Sometimes Key Account Management is alternatively used as KAM as well. It is a strategic approach we have designed, which distinguish the key account or key management selling to ensure retention of existing customers and develop plans for the long-term development of the crucial other account strategies.

ParasalesDox has experienced key sales manager, which we assign to our customer's company headquarters to look at the sales from the key account. A key account manager is also responsible for the planning and managing the long-term relationship between a service business or product business with their customer. Our key manager will also accountable for managing the key account responsibilities and prioritize the advertising budget for these campaigns.

ParasalesDox key management strategies have helped dozens of businesses in nurturing and prioritize the specific key accounts and leave the unresourceful key considerations. You must know a very famous quote that 80% of results will come from 20% of actions. It can be an application to the product industry and service industry. Your 20% of customers will be responsible for bringing 80% of profit into your business. The quote is universally acceptable and knows to all people, but the key skills needed to find those 20% prospects, and customer is a learned skill where we master.

Our key Account Manager is highly talented who are ready to help you with your fundamental problems of business. What resources to look at, where to invest, and what are the key profit areas of your business. We rely on the automated systems, which is highly competent at data analysis, which gives you advice for better investment options and focus on limited areas for your business.

When you focus on limited areas, your business will grow limitless. That’s the secret of fortune 500 companies which ParasalesDox is leveraging for their customers:

  • The key account manager is a highly specific profile which is hard to handle but critical area of your company success.
  • Key account management requires developing the long term relationship with your customers. When you manage your critical account with specific customers, you not only grow your business but gain the trust of customers.
  • Sometimes key account management can prevent a mismatch between customers and suppliers communication, and regular communication is exceptionally essential.
  • When you think about customer profitability and satisfaction, these things are hard to measure but manage confidentially.