A Community Who Derives Profit To Every Customer

At A Glance

  • We are creating, repositioning and rejuvenating brands with brilliant minds.
  • We deliver P2P marketing solutions to our customers where a person is solving the problem or pain of a customer with the right positioning of products or services.
  • We are a family T-Shape marketer which makes us extra special in a world with a lack of delivery and a lot of promises.
  • We have completed our 2 years in the market and gain the trust of hundreds of SAAS provider, telecommunication Companies, public figures, hardware and software companies.
  • Our team is expert in lead generation. telemarketing, B2B consumer services, B2C services, appointment setting, email marketing, demand generation, affiliate marketing, company survey, content marketing, affiliate marketing, content syndication, account-based marketing, and digital marketing.

The idea of ParasalesDox came 2 years back. ParaSalesDox Infoweb Pvt Ltd is a leading B2B online marketing agency. ParasalesDox is an output-driven service provider in the marketplace which utilizes technology with the wonder of the human mind to make the most out to our customers. We are committed to our customer success from the first day to the last day. We are helping business owners to reach their goals with our tested solution. We have spent one valuable years into the market research, and develop result based solution to our customers. We are trusted venture providing values focus on customer service, B2B services, B2C services, and proven strategies.

We are provide services like lead generation. telemarketing, B2B consumer services, B2C services, appointment setting, email marketing, demand generation, affiliate marketing, company survey, content marketing, affiliate marketing, content syndication, account-based marketing, and digital marketing in reasonable prices.

Business-to-business marketing is the nerve of the marketplace. B2B always runs on a mutual benefit where both companies get benefited. It’s like a win-win situation for both the companies. Our experienced professionals have 40+ years of combined experience to manage the sales and marketing for our various clients. We have actively engaged with the Saas (Software as a Service) companies, Global Technology in hardware and software, and telecommunication departments.

ParasalesDox always believes in delivering the right strategy for the right situation. That’s why we call our team as a doctor of marketing who knows every nerve of it and also prevents the sales strategies to get cracking. Our doctor of online marketing actively engaged in the current market demand to better understand our customer needs. In the present world, others believe in making strong promises but we are busy in the happiness of our clients in delivering real-time services with real-time delivery. ParasalesDox Infoweb Pvt Ltd has accomplished project from every industry. We helped businesses in the branding, increase sales, generate quality leads, and develop lifelong relationships.

In ParasalesDox we make our commitment possible because of lack of communication gaps with our customers. In the busy world, human emotion becomes a vital thing for anyone. A customer is always looking for solutions to their problems and looking to communicate with potential people. We leverage communication skills with the latest technology to solve problems for millions.

Why ParasalesDox

Parasalex Dox is an Indian venture based in Maharashtra. We have just completed our successful one years in the market and gain respect and trust from hundreds of SAAS provider, telecommunication companies, public figure, hardware and software providers.

ParasalesDox is breaking barriers in customer satisfaction with the quality of our services We drill down big goals and achieve them into peanuts. We are not just solely dependent upon the B2B and B2C style of business but we are breaking the ice with new P2P marketing tactics. In the period of 2 years, we have developed a unique strategy which starts with making a connection with the audience, understanding their problems and pain, and positioning their services as the solution to the pain or problem.

We have brilliant minds who leverage the technology with innovations into sales, marketing, branding, prospecting and utilize the budget. We are high focuses on improving sales and get maximum ROI to our customers. We are breaking the ice in the communication to our customer and their customer. When you communicate effectively to your customers ultimately you become the magnet who attracts lots of other people around you. Our sales funnel are designed in a unique way which guarantees you a 100% ROI.

What makes us most trustworthy in the market?

ParasalesDox is a family of qualified and highly professional persons dedicated to integrate online marketing in every sector and help other businesses in increasing their sales revenue. Sometimes a customer may be worried to read highly professional team everywhere. Everyone is telling themselves highly professional if you ask how you are unique, you have nothing to speak.

We are specialized in T-Shape digital marketing. We have a team of those professionals who have basic knowledge across many disciplines but in-depth knowledge of one field. We have a team of specialists but only in one field. A T-shape individual can able to perform as per their expertise is. They produce better results from a one-man army professional.

We are digging the gold for our customers with our T-Shape marketing tactics, That’s where we are specialists in the market full of abundance but lack of quality.